Isle of Vashon - 2000

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Joseph on the Superhawk and Scott on the Vulcan saddle up.

My son Max (6yrs old) on the ferry boat. My VX800 behind him.

Joseph tries out Scott's Vulcan for size.

A very cherry Norton.

We got stuck behind this contraption on a twistie road.

Scott and Joseph ponder an ancient Nimbus. They were made from the early 20's to the middle to late 50's in Denmark. 750cc, four cylinder inline longitudinal, shaft drive.

One sweet Moto Guzzi.

A nice Benelli, count the cylinders.

The ferry line on Vashon returning to Seattle.

Max tries out Joseph's Superhawk for size.


A Triumph.

Joseph entertains us with a wheelie after the ride. He's very er, proficient at wheelies.

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