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Trimaran Canoe Conversion

Rigging for this boat is now FOR SALE!
If you live within driving distance, you can have the sails, mast, boom and shrouds for $150. Just email me.

A sad note, in early 2010, the canoe trimaran suffered a catastrophic failure of the steel tube that holds up the mast in very high winds on Liberty Bay in Poulsbo. Rather than repair it, I decided to build a whole new boat. To follow progress on this, see:
Building version 2 of the car-toppable trimaran sailboat

These pages describe building, sailing and refitting my trimaran sailboat made from a 17 foot Grumman Aluminum canoe. It's a great boat! Car top-able, very fast, able to be carried to the water and rigged by one person, and fun to sail.

Length: 18'-0"
Beam: 13'-10"
Sail: Approx. 200 sq ft with jib
Weight: 320 lbs (same as a Hobie 16)
Center hull: Aluminum canoe
Amas: Stitch and glue Mahagony plywood with epoxy-fiberglass wrap and fillets at seams
Click here to see how to schlep this whole thing around on a little truck.

First sail after major refitting (Late October, 2006)

Original Construction

Maiden Voyage

Cooper Lake Campout

Sailing with Kids in Liberty Bay