New Zealand Photos and Travelogue

This is the story of a three month vacation in New Zealand, from November of 1987 until February of 1988. You can follow the adventures of Jim and Deb with either link below. Our intent was to tour New Zealand on a tandem bicycle, but as the story unfolds you'll find that things turned out differently.

Photo Database (requires Netscape or Internet Explorer)
Click here to browse over 400 photographs of New Zealand. You can search through them using kewords like "Geothermal" or "North Island". You can even search for images with a combination of keywords like "Glaciers" AND "South Island". I'm still writing captions for photos, and haven't recorded dates yet.

Deb's Journal
Transcribing Deb's Journal is an ongoing effort. Several months of travel are currently transcribed and new days are being added regularly.

Kiwi Poetry by Deb and Jim
An assortment of on-the-road-inspired poetry by Deb and Jim (some profanity contained herein)

Download Windows Wallpaper images from New Zealand!

A note on using these photos...
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