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This is attempt number two at building a back to back tandem recumbent bicycle, but this time with a motor. My first attempt wasn't very successful, mainly due to chain management issues, which are often difficult with recumbents. I would judge this bike as a success, very much so in fact. It's very comfortable, pretty easy to ride, and fairly efficient with its 110 psi Maxxis tires. The motor is loads of fun and is great on steep hills. The frame splits in two for easy transport in the back of pickup trucks, and no tools are needed take apart or reassemble the frame. Like any back to back, tandem recumbent bicycle, the stoker gets a pretty weird and sometimes scary ride. It's strange to see the world disappear from view as your main view, and not be able to see forward when you're hurtling down hills at 35 mph. You must trust the pilot, completely (heh heh).

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