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Day 1 - 321 miles, Poulsbo, WA to Lillooet, BC

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Note to those going to Canada who haven't been there in a while, you're not allowed in if you've had 2 DUI convictions, so beware. At the border they asked me various questions I've never been asked before, such as "What do you do for work?" and "Have you ever been arrested?". When I found out about the 2 DUI rule, I asked if it even applied to someone who wasn't driving (e.g. a passenger) and they said yes. Makes me wonder how many Canadians would have to leave Canada if they applied this rule to their own citizens.

Waiting in line for the Port Townsend to Keystone ferry early in the morning. No reservations needed for a motorcycle.

The Vulcan set up for touring. Windscreen, tank bag and spare 2 gallon can of gas. You need to be looking for gas at 100 miles with the Vulcan.

On the ferry. Calm waters.

Looking back at Port Townsend.

The ferry wake as it left the dock.

Looking back at Port Townsend.

This is Hill Rd. heading down to Ebey's Landing just north of the Keystone ferry terminal on the west side of Whidbey Island. I love this road, view and location. We bootleg camped at Ebey's landing in our RV on a stormy night after gathering mussels at Penn Cove once. It's a beautiful place.

Somewhere near Pemberton, BC about to hit the best part of the day's ride, over the mountains to Lillooet. I'd done this once west-bound on my old Aprilia Falco. That was a fun trip.

This next series of photos shows the mountain terrain between Pemberton and Lillooet. It's a relief to leave the hustle bustle of Whistler and get back to lonely roads.









My motel in Lillooet. Lillooet's OK for food and lodging. Everything's in walking distance, which I like after a day's ride.
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