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Sorry, no pictures for day 1. Due to not having a tank bag, and having difficult to operate zippers on my Joe Rocket jacket, it was somewhat of a hassle to get my camera out. That, combined with not wanting to have to pass the same cars multiple times due to pulling over led me to take fewer pictures than I would had I had a tank bag. Lesson learned. I included my tank bag when I sold my beloved Suzuki VX800 before buying the Aprilia this summer. Need to get another.

The trip over Rainy pass was OK, but I disagree with Destination Highway's rating of Rte 20 as the number one road in WA. Way too much traffic in the fun parts, and again, the curves are more sweepers than twisties. Sure there's great scenery, but with a choice of either passing inumerable cars in no-passing zones or plodding along at (the horror) the speed limit, great scenery isn't enough. Forest Service road 99 on the way to Windy Ridge is without question, the best motorcycle road in Washington.

"East of Chesaw" (DH11) on the Oroville-Toroda Creek Road was probably the best stretch in Washinton on this trip. If you don't know where Chesaw is (ha!), it's between Oroville and Curlew, north of Republic. Still lost eh?

Morning light on my "modest" lodging in Kettle Falls, WA. Somehow I expected Kettle Falls to offer more than it did. But at least the restaurant was in walking distance to the motel, and they served beer. The pork rib dinner special was actually pretty tasty.

Sullivan lake, just east of Metaline Falls, just south of the Canadian border. This DH12 rated side road was pretty darn nice, but watch out for the heavy Forset Service police presence at the north end of the lake. Absolutely no traffic on this road.

Massive road repair on highway 31 (DH54) north of Metaline Falls. The excavator up on the hill (click picture for bigger version to see) was causing boulders to rain down on the road (thus the stop sign) while it worked. The nice stop sign lady told me the driver "rode the excavator down the cliff last year". I asked, "Same guy up there?". "Yup".

Into Canada. This is DH1, the alleged best road in BC along the east shore of Kootenay Lake. Again, I disagree with the number 1 rating. It's basically a resort area, and the road is literally lined with driveways to resorts, cabins, RV parks and stores. You just don't feel comfortable going 80 mph (48kph) here.

The ferry across Kootenay Lake. It's free and takes 35 minutes. Unfortunately they were on the winter schedule, and only running one boat. The wait and the crossing killed 2 precious hours in the middle of the day. Lunch at the adjacent restaurant was pretty good though.

The boat finally arrives. Even though the sign in the parking lot says "No priority loading for motorcycles", just ride up to the front of the line. I didn't, and the employee loading cars wondered why I hadn't. After heading north from the ferry landing in Balfour and going through the charming town of Kaslo, DH5/Rte. 31A awaited me. It was grrrrreat! A guy on the ferry with a *very* heavy Canadian accent told me about his friend who was camped by this road and witnessed many sportbike riders tearing it up. Now I know why. No traffic too!

These remarkable domed structures are in New Denver. They're actually a lodge. I wish I would have timed things so I stayed there. New Denver seemed pretty peaceful too.

I think this is the main lodge.

The pump at the gas station in Fauquier, at the Needles ferry, had Destination Highways stickers on it. It seems that more than a few motorcyclists go this way.

The ferry between Faquier and Needles. It was guided by cables, and was pretty small. Thankfully no long wait though.

A view to the north from the ferry.

Ah, DH2. Also known as Rte. 6 between Needles and Vernon. I'd rate this as DH1 personally. Again, no traffic. The pavement was a bit deteriorated in some sections, but the quality of the turns and the lack of traffic were terrific.

At the day's end I stayed at the "Tiki Village" motel in Vernon. My wife Deb and I stayed there about 10 years ago on the way up to Yoho National Park for a backpack trip. It's OK, with an OK Japanese restaurant adjoining.
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