Jeff Wieand's Suzuki "VXR"

The photos below show Jeff Wieand on his 1990 Suzuki VX, also known as the "VXR". Jeff raced this bike in both the Washington and Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Associations (WMRRA and OMRRA) in the Open GP Twins class. The year he raced, sometime soon after this bike was made, he placed 117th out of 335. Jeff says he likes to "race anything that wasn't meant to be raced". Before any modifications were made to the bike, the dyno said it produced 52 horespower. After jetting and exhaust modifications, it produced 63 horsepower. While racing he claims to have consistently wound it up to 10 and 11 thousand RPM. Jeff works at Aurora Suzuki in Seattle, Washington. Photos are by Phil Tanner.

Some specifics on his modifications:

  • Katana 600 Clip ons, Jeff says "they bolt right on"
  • Progressive fork springs
  • F-1 Slip ons for 600 Katana
  • Custom 2 inch header pipes
  • 1/4 Fairing
  • "Floating" brake rotors with the retainers knocked out
  • Braided steel front brake line
  • Metzler race compound tires

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