Seven Lakes Basin Hike - August 12-14, 2003

On the above date, a good showing of the Gallant and Stevens families from Poulsbo, WA hiked an 18 mile loop around the Seven Lakes Basin in the Olympic National Park, leaving from and returning to the trailhead at Sol Duc hot springs. Two bears were sited during the trip along with numerous deer.

Evan Gallant, age 5

Nick Stevens, age 8

Max Gallant, age 9

Dan Stevens, age 16

Rob Stevens

Jim Gallant

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Hope you enjoy the pictures!

At the trailhead. Note the rain gear.

It was raining enough for hoods and hats at the start.

Sol Duc falls.

Boys staring into the awe inspiring chasm of Sol Duc falls.

Beyond the falls and into the deep forest. No more tourist hikers.

The trail passed regularly from clearings to thick stands of trees.