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Jim Gallant Greetings web traveller! Welcome to the official Jim Gallant home page. I'm a home inspector in Poulsbo, WA. Prior to a move and a career change in the past few years I was a software developer in Seattle, WA at BondHub, Qpass, Corbis, and Asymetrix.

Welcome to my little fleet of web pages. I hope you enjoy them. You may see photos of my better than average sons Max and Evan and my lovely wife Deb. Feel free to send me email.

Outside Connection

View current weather condition data retrieved from many sources every hour displyed on topographical maps.
The New Zealand Web site

A searchable database of over 400 scanned images from New Zealand. Includes the story of a three-month trip through New Zealand my wife and I made in 1987. You can search for photos by single keywords or combinations of keywords. Search results are ranked in descending order by both relevancy and quality of photographs.
HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) stuff

Home built recumbents, kickbikes and the like.
Water Rockets!!!

Mucho fun, 2 liter pop bottles, plus water and air, plus high pressure equals...

The canoe-trimaran sailboat.

"Best Guess", the successor to the canoe-trimaran

Jim and Evan go to Europe for 30 days

Jim and Max go to Europe for 30 days


Deer Park, Grand Pass Loop Hike - August 2011

Lake Ozette Sail Camp Trip - August 2011

John Day river trip

Happy Lake and Olympic Hot Springs

3 dads and 6 sons hike from the Hoh River mouth to La Push

2 dads and 3 sons hike the Seven Lakes Basin trail in the Olympics


Eastern Oregon with Rob - October, 2013

Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho - October, 2012

British Columbia on a Cruiser - September, 2012

Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Trip - September, 2007

WA, OR, ID, MT Motorcycle Trip - 2007

Ride to Winthrop - 2006

Neah Bay Motorcycle Ride - 2006

WA & OR Motorcycle trip - 2006

WA & BC Motorcycle trip - 2005

4 day motorcycle trip through WA and OR - 2005

My new Aprilia Falco
Home Made 2 into 1 Exhaust for my Suzuki VX800
Custom paint for my Suzuki VX800
Isle of Vashon 2000 pictures
Trip report - a weekend winding down WA state's best motorcycling road.
Jeff Wieand's Suzuki "VXR" - For fellow Suzuki VX fans, this page will be of interest.
Winter Hands - Wish you could buy a brand new pair of Hippo Hands? You can.

Our Guinea Pigs


Building a Koi pond and waterfall