Who is Outside Connection?
Outside Connection was created by Jim Gallant in Seattle, Washington in the winter of 1999-2001. The logo and site design were provided by Zango Creative.

The earliest version of Outside Connection was born out of the desire to see weather across Washington state "at a glance". This early version retrieved only the Hourly Roundup weather data for Washington state, and was eventually merged with an informal online classified ads site for Northwest Wind Talk. Site guides for outdoor activities and email weather alarms were added along with a credit system for members. In the fall of 2001 the OC server was stricken with the NIMDA virus and various SQL Server data was lost. OC was reborn in late November of 2001 with less geographical scope, but more complete weather data. The site guides, classified ads and email weather alarms were also dropped.

In September 2010 Outside Connection was reborn again so as to use Google Maps, and to retrieve METAR data and data from the National Data Buoy Center. Also, links related to your current view are shown on the left sidebar.

How often is the weather data updated?
Data is retrieved mulitple times per hour from both sources. The date/time that each station's data was retrieved is shown along with all the data for the station when you hover your mouse over a station icon, or when you click a station icon. These times are shown in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), aka. Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

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